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Kermitcoin is an arc20 token that conforms to the ERC-20 standard and runs on the Ethereum network. It has a fixed supply of 69 trillion tokens, which are not burnable or mintable. This means that the total number of Kermitcoins will never change, regardless of the demand or usage.

KermitCoin is the native token of KermitClub, a community that aims to offer exclusive events, projects and NFTs using KermitCoin as its main currency.

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“Ms Adore”

New NFT collection

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Dazzling frog


We're thrilled to announce our "Dazzling Frogs" NFT collection! Immerse yourself in vibrant colors and playful designs of these frogs, now available on opensea.io.

Owning a Dazzling Frog NFT grants you elite membership, providing early access to presales, airdrops, and a range of exciting perks. Join us and embrace the enchantment of Dazzling Frogs!

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Kermitcoin has no association with JIm Henson or his creation Kermit the Frog. This token is simply paying homage to memes we all love and recognize.